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OzModChips is a Melbourne based business that imports and sells modchips directly to the consumer and in bulk to businesses.

  • Fast shipping
  • Low prices (we can beat aussie prices, please see T/C here)
  • Great customer service
  • Cheap shipping options
  • GST included in the display price. So the price you see is the price you pay

What's HOT!

Cards Against Humanity Party Games can be found HERE.
This Christmas Party Games are the go with:

Cards Against Humanity
Crabs Adjust Humidity

For 3DS/New 3DS (XL) owners Sky3DS+ is definitely the most popular and easiest card to use to play your 3DS backup games. Find the card here:


For everyone else:

2DS / 3DS / 3DS XL / Dsi XL / DSi / DS Lite / DS original

The brilliant R4i Card allows users to download as much content they can onto a microSd card and enjoy the DS console without restrictions. The card allows DS code playback. Free Homebrew games, Movies, Music, Over 5000 free applications from 3rd party developers


Xbox 360 Hard drive loader!

The x360key, like the WODE mentioned above, is a device that allows you to run all Disc content via an external Harddrive. Get rid of discs forever! While disc ripping required a seperate device, the product is still unbelievably popular! Compatible with almost every single console..

We have it in stock now for just $95.50

Premodded consoles!

If you do not have a console yet and are looking to get into the market Ozmodchips can provide you with New/Used consoles at great prices which are modified and ready to go!

Check out our Xbox 360 range

Check out our PS3 range

Console Modification Prices For Melbourne Store. No bookings needed, just bring console during trading hours



PS3 downgrade for compatible consoles: $99.99, or $120 with extras

-Xk3y inc Installation = $135.50 for normal consoles, $175.50 for newer Slims without screen
-RGH/JTAG = Starting $99.99 or $130 with extras. $40 for Dash update

Wii: Wii Softmod installation Compatible with ALL consoles, includes SD card, and software, emulators = $59.99 Others: There are other consoles we service and Other services we provide for the consoles listed including repair services. Please email or Call.

For more info on our store, click here

OzModChips.com now have a product support/info website. It is a must read for all our customers to ensure proper use of their products. If you are interested in writing an article, let us know.

OzModChips is an online store, however no matter where you are, you can always post your console in to be modified.

*Same day shipping may not be available for some items such as pre-modded consoles, that go through testing the same day we send the item. Not available for bank deposit orders, only credit cards. Also may not be possible during the holiday season (December and January) however we will do our best!

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