360 DVD drive Power Dongle


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Comes with:

  • Power device
  • Molex cable
  • PMT "probe"


Instructions for the latest batch:

  • To have the power dongle working in a normal fashion you need the 1 green light, 1 red light, and 1 blue light ON
  • The button closest to  power from your PC is the main Power Button
  • The button next to that is the eject button
  • The button next to that is a Mode-B button
  • The button next to that is a special button that helps with the "PMT probe"


To flash an 360 DVD drive, you need to have it powered up. This is a simple and cheap PC Power to Molex adapter for 360 dvd drives.


As a bonus it has an on and off switch on it, an eject button, and also a mode B switch. As a super bonus it also has a PMT probe on it for reading the key off all phat liteon drives (PhatKey). Please NOTE, this is just a bonus feature. We have tried out the PhatKey method with this device and for some reason cannot it it working. So please do NOT buy the device for this feature. We will include the probe for you, but we are only advertising it for powering DVD drives.


Considering the maximus and TX Ck3 is over $30 on its own, this device is very cheap!


Please make sure the molex cable is plugged in the CORRECT way. Inserting the molex cable in the wrong way, and powering the drive will fry the drive attached.

Here is a picture of us using it with the x360 usb pro!



Perfect for people:

  • Wanting to power their 0800 drive (the 0800 drives we have come WITH a free one of these)
  • Anyone who wants to power a 360 drive from a PC!



Here is the device features and instuctions



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