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The 3k3y PATA version can now work without your key. Anyone with a compatible console can now install it! This means you can install it on OFW. (currently tested and working with 4.50 firmware and below). You will need to update your 3k3y with 1.99 firmware or above which is available on the 3k3y forums. once installed in your system for it to work without your key. 


Official package Comes with:

  • 3k3y Main board
  • Micro sd card
  • DVD drive data cable
  • DVD drive power cable
  • Long flat cable
  • USb dongle




  1. Only works on Phat consoles at the moment that have PATA drives. This is almost all of them. They have silver Drive ribbon cables that are over an inch wide. If you have the last model phat drive which is like the slim (the width of the drive cableis 12mm) this will not work on your console, There is a Sata model of the 3k3y for these consoles. 
  2. You NEED a working DVD drive for this to work and at least 1 original game. This is the game that the 3k3y will pretend to be every single time it tried to boot a game, the 3k3y's new keyless firmware will hijack this information and send through the data from the game you want to play. 


Models that have PATA drives (compatible)

  • Some CECHL are Pata, some are SATA, open to check



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  • Ripper PCB board (allows you to connect your DVD drive to your Windows PC to rip content. Only works if you have the Key for your console (you can dump key if you have CFW) if you do not have your key you CAN use the public key however it will render your drive useless in your ps3, so this should only be used with a spare Fat PATA drive)
  • 3k3y/Xk3y screen. You have have one from your Xk3y you can use this, it allows you to see the status of the 3k3y at all times, and choose your ISo files from here. There is a new 3k3y screen which has more ports, cost more, and needs an external power source for more power.
  • Wifi dongle, Allows you to choose content from a web interface! Same dongle as Xk3y uses. 


The 3k3y is a DVD drive emulator. This means that whatever you can run via Disc on your ps3 console, you can run as an ISO on your harddrive. One great feature we have been playing with is the ability to maniulate certain ISOs after they have been dumped to make them region free. You can also do this to PSX (Play Station 1  games), change the region on the ISO to achieve region free gaming on your console. 



======   IMPORTANT   ========

The 3k3y is a 3rd party product. Sony might attempt to block the device from working with firmware updates. It is important that the user is aware of this, and does not blindly update their console without checking what the update from Sony does on such places as the k3yforums. It is true that the 3k3y is upgradable, the FPGA (the core system that runs the device) and the linux file system that runs the device can both be updated via USB easily. However that does not mean that it would be able to overcome an update from Sony. As with any hack (xk3y, DS flash cards etc) you the customer are the only ones with the power to do your research before updating your system. 3k3y has been tested with 4.55 firmware and everything below. 




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