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OzModChips still considers itself as a fairly new business, with operations beginning in February 2007. However in the modding world, 1 week is a long time so I guess we aren't that new.

How did OzModChips start?
OzModChips could see that there was a big gap in the Australian modding market. The where no suppliers that where efficient, honest, and had the 'balls' to stock new products. This became very apparent when we tried to order some Wii Modchips in late January 2007. The first Wii Modchip was just announced over in Europe, and it was proved to work fine. We contacted to a couple of mod stores around Australia to ask when they would received their stock. To our surprise, no one had even heard of this chip, and when we told them about it, they where reluctant to order - they were sleeping! Of course we couldn't resist starting up an online store. Our business has continued to grow as we slowly expand into different consoles.

Its always a challenges for a company to experience rapid growth. Everyone loves the small company -- they have hardly any customers, so it is very easy for them to help customers out if they are willing to do so! A lot of disadvantages come out of small mod stores like the lack of product knowledge, unwillingnesss to be on the cutting edge of modding, and it is very easy for them to shut up ship if things get too hard. We have tried to keep the good values of a small company while having the advantage of being the biggest mod store in Australia. Getting orders out is always our number 1 priority, so if you have been waiting a little long for the answer to your email, we apologise! When we started off, people where just happy to receive their order - now customers come to us with very high expectations and we work our butts off everyday to meet them.

Our Values, what makes us different?
We are dedicated to the best customer service, and thatís why we have grown to the level we are at in such a small period of time.

Speed: 99.9% of in stock items will leave our dispatch point the day we have your money. Due to the amount of orders we get, we have to stop charging credit cards about 10am every weekday, but we often recharge them again aroud 2pm if it is not too busy

Honesty: Honesty is the big one here that a lot of modchip stores don't seem to have. If a product is not in stock, we will let you know. We don't sell stuff we don't have! We have software in place that automatically decreaese our stock numbers everytime someone buys a product. When the product is down to 0, the product is yanked off the website, its very easy!

Communication:We are still unsure why so many online store don't email on dispatch, and don't give you tracking number etc. OzModChips will email each customer when we have received your money (if you are paying via bank deposit), and we will email you on dispatch with your tracking number, and information on how to track your order.

Legit products: OzModChips trying to take the 'shadyness' out of a shady industry. The market is flooded with cheap imitation products. Some mod stores will buy from 3rd party suppliers, as they do not have the customer base to order the minimum amount required from the official suppliers. This leads to poor quality clones, old stock with outdated firmware and unhappy Australian modders. OzModChips is an official supplier of the leading brands in the world of modding. Some of the product we have been official Australia suppliers/distributors for are: M3 Simply, R4-DS, M3 Real, G6 Real, CycloDS Evo, Itouch DS, Wiikey, D2ckey, D2pro, Argon, Wasabi, Infectus2, Wiinja, D2Lite, WiiClip, Datels Freeloader, SD gecko, USB gecko, Acekard, Edge, Memor32, D2All and more. There are some occasions when China can make a suepr high quality 3rd party alternative to a device - we sometime stock these but ALWAYS make our customers aware that we are stocking a 3rd party device.

If you have any questions about our business, feel free to contact us via email!

-OzModChips Team

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