Complete CFW for 3DS(XL) & N3DS(XL) & 2DS(XL)

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This is service where you will need to bring/send in your console for our technicians to mod. We will modify your console and install a custom firmware from where you can run all your content. This service is available for the following consoles:

3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, 2DS, 2DS XL firmware 11.6.0-39 (U/E/J/etc)

WARNING: Backup everything you need from the console because this process will wipe the console clean
IMPORTANT: You are able to do this modification yourself, therefore this is for customers who do not want to do the mod themselves in case of damaging the console and would rather we do it.


  • Fully replace sysNand with CFW sysNand
  • Direct boot into CFW
  • Region free operation
  • Run unsigned code
  • Run Emulators (NES, SNES, NeoGeo, Mame, GBA, N64 etc)
  • Run Homebrew
  • Run 3DS games installed from .cia
  • Run Virtual Console games
  • Run eShop games
  • Dump 3DS cartridge
  • Take gameplay and application screenshots
  • Updatable to the latest firmware without lost of CFW/Homebrew etc.
  • No flashcard needed as all games are right on the home screen.
  1. If you need to post your console to us place an order for this service.
  2. Proceed through the checkout (you may need to open a new account if you haven't got one)
  3. Once the payment has cleared we will send you instructions on how and where to send your console.


Due to the nature of the service all consoles are fully tested to be working before they are returned so there is no warranty on this service.

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