Noob Alert! (FAQ)

Please have a quick read of this page first before asking us any questions.

What forms of payment to you accept?
Australians Online--> Credit Card (Visa and Master Card only) and bank deposit.
Australians (Store) --> Credit Card (Visa and Master Card only), EFTPOS, and cash
International customers --> Credit Card (Visa NO Master Card sorry only) and Bank deposit for orders over $500 AUD.

Can you price match on Company X or company Y?
Does that company operate outside of Australia? If yes, then the answer is no. This includes companies that sell in Australian dollars, but ship items from overseas

If the company operates inside they have an ABN listed on their website, are they registered for GST? If the answer is yes to both, and they have a solid reputation and they are an official reseller of the product then we will probably price match - but usually we just alter the price to be cheaper so that everyone gets the same price.

What is the progress of my order?
Login to your account on our site, and check it out.

  • 'Processing', 'Processing Express. ''eparcel', 'DHL Express' and 'International Processing' means your order ready to ship.
  • 'Pending Payment' means your money is not in our account yet. If you paid over 3 business days ago via bank deposit and your status is still 'Pending Payment', please contact us.
  • 'Pending Charge' means we haven't charged your credit card yet - we only charge once a day and thats early in the morning (9.30am or so). Sometimes your order will jump straight from 'Pending Charge' to 'Dispatched'

Where is my order, you sent it, but i haven't got it yet. Can you check it out for me?
Sure. Right after you check out this page. Part of our streamline business model is the fact that all customers get their 'tracking numbers'. Please ring Australia post first if your package is a couple of days over the estimated time.

Does product X come with a 'blah'?
Product listings usually contain the contents of the product. Please read the listing in FULL. Including all 'tabs' if their are any. Saves you having to wait for an answer from us :)

How do I use my product? It didn't come with any manuals or instructions!
Yes, most modchips don't come with any instuctions. Its all online on our wiki! click below

Emailing us is easy, but here are some tips:

  • If you are contacting us about an order you have placed, please include your order number (its important!).
  • We do not provide product suppport to people that are not our customers!
  • Don't create a new ticket after we respond to you ticket. We only close the ticket to get a notification when you respond, so please just open up the ticket again.
  • Emas that we reply to are quick and to the point, we don't write essays. 'To the point' comes off as a little rude sometimes. We assure you that is not our intention. Our intention is to answer your question as quickly as possible.

If this still doesn't answer your question, please click here to submit a ticket

Regards the team.

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