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Stock Status - 28/08/09, We have 19 Flatmiis left and are selling them at a clearance price. Because the flatmii is an Drive emulator, and works without a dvd drive, it works with every wii including the new D3 version 2 drive.



2/01/2009 -- FlatMii is a massive break through in the Wii hacking scene. Straight out of Europe, a veterin modchip team have been quitly working on a solution for many months. FlattMii is not so much of a modchip, it is a complete Wii DVD Drive Emulator. Flatmii doesnt require any kind of soldering, any wii-clip device or software modification for installing . No modchip is required, flatmii is a simple Plug and Play device and the installation only needs a few easy steps.

FlatMii is a device that runs Wii ISOs from your PC using Highspeed 2.0 USB protocol. Play or emulate anyone of your stored Wii/Gamecube image discs.

Because the FlatMii is DVD drive emulator, it works on all wiis from all regions

Including Regions

  • PAL (Europe/Australia/NewZealand)
  • NTSC-U
  • NTSC-J
  • Korea

Including Wii DVD Drives

  • DMS
  • D2A
  • D2B
  • D2B Cut Pin
  • D2C
  • D2C2
  • D2E
  • D2E Epoxy
  • D3 aka D2Nothing (Drive chip removed)

It works on all these wiis because its doesn't need to attack the "security chip" on the DVD drive at all, it just talkes straight to your wii motherboard pretending it is a valid DVD drive

There are 2 ways to install FlatMii.

  1. To install it with your DVD drive, so that you can still play original games on your wii
  2. Installing it on its own, perhaps a solution for those you have broken their Wii DVD drive, or don't wan't their kids touching their original discs.

Here is the first video that emerged, showing a wii boot an original wii sports (originals still work) and showing 2 ISOs from a PC working on the Wii.

Please note: FlatMii does NOT boot backups from discs at all. It can only allow you to play ISOs from a PC. If you already have a modchip installed, FlatMii will still work, and your modchip still will work. If you want to install this as well as a modchip, you can as well....we just want to make us obvious that on its own, you cannot boot backups in disc format.

We are not sure why FlatMii cannot boot backups, we would like to think that the makers are trying to 'perfectly' emulate the DVD drive, so that the solution cannot be blocked by Nintendo.



  • No need to buy discs to backup your games (cheaper in the long run)
  • No wear and tear on your Wii DVD Drive at all.
  • Cheap repalcement for a defective DVD drive
  • Works with All wiis, no need to worry about your serial number etc.


  • Cannot boot Wii backups from Disc
  • You will need a PC/Laptop running XP or Vista next to your Wii when you want to start a game.


The FlatMii packages comes with:

  • Flatmii main board
  • Flatmii sticker for mainboard
  • Flatmii USB Connector
  • Flatmii Extra lense cable (pass through)
  • Flatmii Small USB cable


FlatMii features

Features list on FlatMii.com Website:


  • NO solder required
  • NO drivemod required
  • NO clip required
  • NO software modification required
  • Plug and Play
  • ALL chipsets compatible including EPOXY & D3 drives
  • 100% Compatible with drivemods
  • STANDALONE mode (No wii dvd drive/media needed)
  • COMBO drive/flatmii mode
  • Highspeed USB 2.0 fast loadings
  • Wii/Gamecube/ISO9660/Multi and DL ISOS compatible
  • Region free
  • Full Compatible with Geckos,Mplayer,Emulators & Homebrew
  • Updates blocker
  • Wii iso remote tool selector



Installation instuctions

First, open the Wii. there are plenty of tutorials on how to do this on youtube, including ones we have uploaded

second - If you are installing the FlatMii on its own, without your DVD Drive


Or if you are installing it with your DVD drive still there


1. What does it do?
> It tricks the Wii into thinking that FlatMii is the DVD drive.

2. What's so special about it?
> It has a builtin USB connector so you can stream your Wii ISO files to the Wii by using a PC.

3. If I install FlatMii, can I still use my DVD drive?
> Yes. There are two ways to install FlatMii, you can keep your drive and have FlatMii working at the same time or you can install FlatMii standalone which doesnt require a drive.

4. Do problematic games like SMG and SSBB work?
> SMG and SSBB are fully supported. Since FlatMii is not a modchip it will not get detected, and most SSBB issues are about the lens which FlatMii obviously does not have

5. If I install FlatMii, can I also play copied games on disc?
> Unfortunately you cannot. However, it's fully compatible with all drivechips.

6. Can I play my backups from any region?
> Partially. It gives you the same region-free options like any other modchip. However, using Gecko OS or by changing your Wii's region you can play everything.

7. Can I use trucha-signed ISOs?
> That depends on the version of your system menu and IOS. We recommend you do not update for this reason.
However, if you did update, you can either downgrade or use Gecko OS.

8. Are GameCube games supported?
> Yes they are. In fact you can create a huge multi-iso GC disc with all your games, since there is no file size limit

9. How about homebrew software like MPlayer and other homebrew that uses discs?
> They have all been reported working.

10. If I turn off the software, can I turn it on later and resume gameplay?
> Yes you can.

11. What platforms does FlatMii currently support?
>Windows Vista, and Windows XP, 32 and 64 bit versions

12. What do I need to install FlatMii?
> A triwing, a normal X-shaped screwdriver, electrical tape, double sided tape, a pair of hands and a brain.

13. Can this be blocked by Nintendo?
> Very unlikely. It spoofs itself as a normal drive and it does not require you to install any homebrew software. FlatMii is not exploiting any bug, it's just pure emulation.

14. Are there any speed issues?
> Not if you use a fast PC, make sure your computer supports USB 2.0.



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