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Please read this Product Listing in FULL. This product has 2 functions.

Stock status: NONE left, I dont think we will be restocking, check the Memor32 Alternative we are stocking, it does the same thing and is cheaper(Does not work at all with the new ps2 consoles SCPH-90002 series)

Back in August, a company announced that they had a product called VAST, which was a PS2 (PlayStation 2) Modchip in the form of a memory card. The best thing about this modchip is that you don't need to open your console at all, its a plug and play! So you can grab any PS2, pull it straight out of the box, plug a VAST in the memory card slot, and the console is modded! You can take the VAST to your friends out, and BAM, your friend now has a modded PS2 while its plugged in!

This is definitely the solution everyone has been looking for. If you can mod a console without opening it (i.e. without voiding the warranty) then it is pretty much the ultimate mod. The 'scene' went crazy, trying to find out who made it, and when it would be available. The product gained way too much attention, and the makers, probably worried about legal issues, disappeared

Last week (mid November 2007) a pretty cool product called the Memor32 was announced. The Memor32 is explained in detail below. Basically it is a 32MB (mega bytes) memory card for the PS2 that has a usb plug on it. The USB plug allows you to connect the memory card to the computer so that you can transfer saved games off the memory card, and to your computer using memor32 made software. You can then email it to your friends anywhere, and they can play your saves.

1 week later a random 'Russian hacker group', who call themselves 'Team Memento' hacked the firmware on the Memor32. Their base firmware allowed you to play backups or your ps2 games....sweet! Since then they have proved that they are a highly motivated team that will keep on spitting out firmware updates all the time, until the memor32 is not only the ultimate ps2 modchip, but a modchip that the most features.

So there you have it, 2 products in 1!

Why should you buy this?
Even if you have a modified PS2, the memor32 will apparently still work. If you have an unmodded PS2, or are about to buy a PS2 (a great time to as well, at time of writing, PS2 Slim Line console is down to about $150 aud!) then this is a no brainer. The main reason that DS carts are so damn popular is that people can keep their warranty when they mod their console. The PS2 has been the victim of some really crappy modchips, with over 15 different motherboard versions. Installation, no matter how good the installer is, are still messy, and wires need to be put all over the place, not just in an isolated area. Some of the better PS2 modchips are firmware upgradeable via DVD...but not with the easy of upgrading a memory card. Many PS2 installers will probably try and badmouth this product, but it doesn't take a scientist to realise it will be because they know that PS2 modchips may become obsolete after this product.

Some people say its '7 years too late'. We says thats BS, it's never too late for a plug and play modchip. Especially when PlayStation 2 is the most sold console in Australia and the World.....ever.

What is included?

  • Memor32 Memory Card
  • USB cable is NOT included in the official package. What is needed is a normal USB to mini USB Male cable that you can buy from us if you don't have it..

And now, a more detailed explanation of the use of the product....

  • Enhance your game experience with a full 32 MB Memory card, store all your savegames on one memory!
  • Load and save PS2 savegames to and from any PC.
  • Share and exchange your savegames with friends and on our Memor32s forum!

The Memor32 will allow you to download half completed games, or 100% completed games from the net. Imagine showing your friends that you have completed 100% of Grand Theft Auto!

Imagine playing the best features of a game before you have to go through all the boring parts! Before you had to copy your mates save games when he comes over your house....but who has mates that have played every game you need? Now you can head over to Memor32's forums and download any save game that someone has uploaded, from anywhere in the world!

Memor32's save game manager has been updated twice already, and is sure to have great features in the future.

Full details are available @ Memento's official website

Official message (Mission statement i guess)

Memento is the brainchild of one of our dear friend. Exploiting the Memor32 Hardware we have been able to prepare a software that will allow everyone to play back-up copies of their games and import games without the need of opening and installing a modchip solution into their PS2. We plan to make the homebrew writing and launching of any applications from memory card the easiest thing possible. Next we will work to release next a complete suit of applications and tools to further enhance the features offered by this fine piece of hardware.

Initial firmware 0.9b
Allows PAL backups to Boot on the console when games are 'patched' before burning

Firmware 1.0
Works on Version 3 to version 16 - PS2 Console. Both NTSC and PAL. Support for DVD-based ps2 games by using our custom transparent patcher (game files are not modified and patched discs will work with both Memento firmware and normal modchips/swap discs.

Firmware 1.1
It is now possible to launch up to four different .ELF applications from DEV1 (Memor32 memory card) and four different .ELF applications from DEV3 (USB Flash memory stick).

Future announced features :

  • .ELF files boot from USB, Memory Card and HDD to give the Memento the same DEVOULTION functions as found on higher end modchip like DMS4, Infinity or Crystal .
  • HDD and USB-HDD support to enable boot of "unpatched" game ISO files from HDD and USB-HDD! <-- Holy Crap!
  • Support for PS2 CD based games.
  • User interface to control and customize settings and options on the Memento/Ps2.
  • Support for PS1 based games
  • More to come!

Currently, you will need to patch games before being able to boot them - Full instructions are on our wiki
Our tests of shown that about 90% of games work perfectly with the current 1.1au firmware.

Here is a promo for Mementos 1.3 firmware. Please not that this is not available, nor do we have any control over a date when it will be available.

We will ship this product anywhere in the world, international orders do NOT pay Australia's 10% sales tax. Price of shipping ranges from $5 AUD to $20 AUD. Just add the product to your cart, generate an order number and we will send you an invoice total.

This is by far the most exciting product we have ever had, the possibilities are truly endless. The price of this product is is great, when you consider the price of a normal ps2 modchip install, the hassle of getting it chipped by someone, the risks involved, and the voiding your warranty.


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Fast Shipment and a great item. Works like a charm. Fantastic.

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Great product! Worked perfectly on my PS2. Highly recommended.

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Super fast next day express delivery even to rural area, Memor32 card works great for booting backu...

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Super fast next day express delivery even to rural Queensland, Memor32 card works fine as described....

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