Memory Stick with 6.61 Custom firmware for PSP

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  • 8GB memory stick with 6.61 custom firmware preloaded

OR if you choose from the drop down menu above you can get a larger size..., 16gb, 32gb, 64 or even 128!!

Works on all models

  • PSP 1000
  • PSP 2000
  • PSP 3000
  • PSP e1000

Does NOT work on the VITA.

As long as the firmware is 6.61 or below

Custom firmware on your PSP will turn your PSP into a more powerful device. You have the ability to run any program that someone creates (Emulators for older consoles, free homebrew games from indie developers, media extenders etc). You also have the ability to dump and play your UMD discs onto your memory card to turn the PSP into a more Portable device. After all, it it meant to be a portable device so why do you have to carry it in a massive case with all of your UMDs?!


This Memory stick has 6.61 custom firmware on it, as well as original firmware.If your firmware is above 6.61 then this will NOT work, do not buy!

So the instrucitons are:

If you are on less then 6.61:

  • Run the 6.61 update by going into GAME--> Memory Card --> 6.61 update.
  • Once you are on 6.61 firmware go into GAME --> Memory Card --> Pro Update.
  • The screen will go blank and you will be greated with a screen that will tell you to press X to run CFW (custom firmware).
  • Press X and it will work its magic and then reboot your console.
  • Thats it!
  • You may delete the official 6.61 update from your memorty stick, but please leave the other 3 files on there!

You can confirm your console is in a modded state easily by clicking SELECT on your PSP on the main screen. A little menu will pop up overlaying the screen which will give you some options (please don't play around with these settings unless you know what you are doing!), press SELECT again to hide the menu.

The Hack is loaded into the RAM, which means if your battery totally runs out, or if you turn off your console completely (sleep mode is ok) then the hack is dissapear, and you will need to spend 10 seconds to get it back up an running. All you need to do is:


  • Go into GAME --> Memory Card --> Fast Recovery.
  • The PSP will restart pretty quickly and once again you can click the SELECT button to quickly verify you are in custom firmware mode!


Updating your PSP above 6.61 firmware will break from working, so please don't do it unless you are not interested in the homebrew world anymore.



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