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June/July News 2011

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LT+ 1.9 is now out for most Phat consoles. Samsung, Benq and Liteons (no hitachi). Available in our Melbourne store right now (no booking required) or via our postal service for everyone else.

If you are in Melbourne and you have a preorder for the x360key (or you make a preorder for it now) we can flash your 360 to LT+ 1.9 for free in store for you while you wait for the product to come in.

x360key is coming!!

Tired of getting your 360 reflashed? sick of being FORCED to use discs, when the 360 should be able to play games without the need of any disc inside the tray? The console has not reached its full potential because they want stores to keep selling discs!

That is where the mod world comes into play. The super smart guys over at team wiikey have made a device that allows you to plug in external harddrive, store ALL of your games on there, and play them directly on the 360 without the disc.

The advantages are faster loading times, no wear and tear on the DVD drive, and the convience of not changing disc. Here is a small promo video from the team.


DSi firmware has been updated to 1.4.2. 3DS firmware has been updated to 2.0+. The firmware update blocks all flash cards but of course we stock the best flash cards on the market and they can be updated to work with these new firmwares.

Out of the 100s of Ds cards that flood the market we choose only 4 to be in our 3DS range. Only 8 or so cards out of the 100s out there have done updates and ALL 4 of our cards are included in that bunch!

From the current king of all cards (SuperCard ds2), to the first dsi card that ever came out (Acekard 2i) to the elchepo card that has shown to be great value (AmazeKard) we have the product you need!

We have also add a totally optional setup service. We will flash the card to the latest available firmware and install the system software for a small fee of $5. All software is free and you can do this yourself of course.

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