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This months news is all about xbox, as currently its the console to have with all the exciting hacking news!


I don't know how they did it, but c4eva and team jungle have managed to produce LT 2.0 (LT MAX) for samsung, BenQ, and Liteon DVD drives. The firmware supports XGD3 games. The firmware seems to allow you to duplicate 97% or your disc, and the firmware tricks the 360 into ignoring the last 3% which is missing. Probably not the best long term solution and might not be safe for XBL, but its the best they can do.

Its $30 in store in melbourne for a reflash. $39 via post, or free in Melbourne if you have an active (or what to preorder the xk3y


x360key / xk3y

An even better solution in our eyes is the The xK3y (x360key. The device allows you to load ISOs from a harddrive. No more discs, no more paying someone to update your console, you can do it all yourself once installed

The first batch came in, and already left to most preorders. Obviously this product is a hot seller. Preordering will make sure you have an allocated position in the queue. We had a MASSIVE spike in orders when we mentioned that our stock was shipping to us, but all these late commers missed out. We are the only distributors in Australia for the xK3y so why not order from the source ;)

Some amazing news about 1 month late is the new CPU glitch hack. It means that almost all xbox can receieve a similar hack to the JTAG hack. This means custom dashboard, homebrew, custom game loaders with sexy interfaces and region free games! Right now there is nothing useful for the end user, but the hard work as been done - and now we just wait!

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