Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods

For Australia:

  • Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Bank Deposit

International Customers:

  • Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard)
  • Bank deposit (TT) <-- Only for orders over $500 AUD

Q. I'm in Australia, blah blah blah - Can I pay via paypal?
A. No. Never. PayPal have a policy agaisnt modification devices, even if the purpose of the device is 100% legal. We know people love the 'security' that PayPal provides. However thats is just a result of a LOT of advertising. Visa and Mastercard offer the same protection + more.

More info:


Credit Card

  • There are no extra charges for payment via credit card
  • We accept Visa and MasterCard only, sorry - no AMEX
  • Your credit card details are entered on an SSL secured page, for your piece of mind.
  • Credit card details are not stored on our database in full. Only a couple of numbers for our reference
  • Charging your CC takes place 1 or 2 times day. The process cannot be stopped once your order is placed, so orders are final. The order cut off for same day shipment (if the product is in stock) is around 2pm Melbourne time. This is just a guide, we cannot be held to shipping items the same day incase of any delays.
  • Pleaser commentse do not enter terms of the sale in the ord like placing an order at 4pm and saying "only process if this order can make it ot today". Or something on the line of "please only ship if the brand of the card is sandisk" when the product page says we are currently stocking Kingston. If you have a question about the product and shipping times, contact us BEFORE!
  • Every time you create an order number you give us permission to charge your credit card for that amount that appear on your invoice..
  • Cancelations (only if possible) via credit card come with either a 15% fee of your total order, or $15, whichever is higher. So again, please be sure you would like to go ahead before ordering!
  • Get your details wrong and we cannot fix them, you will be emailed and asked to process another order.


International Credit cards:

  • For international credit cards you will emailed instructions at the bottom of your confirmation email on how to pay us via credit card.

Please pay attention when entering your credit card details, including your EXP date. Do you know that 2~3% of people can't get their details right? Just spend 15 more seconds to double check, it might stop you from being one of those customers that get their product delayed by over 24 hours!

Bank deposit for Australians

  • You can put the money straight into our bank account (the account details will be emailed to you when you create an order)
  • There is no way we can tell who the order is from unless you leave your order number as the reference. You do this easily if you are depositing the money over the net, if you are going to the bank in person you need to tell the teller to leave the order number. No letters, no product description, no names, just the numbers
  • You do not need a bank account to deposit the money, if you do not have one you can take cash to a commonwealth bank in your area and put the cash right into our account
  • Bank xfers sometimes 'clear' right away, but they will NOT appear in our bank account until a day later.
  • Bank deposits made after 4.30pm will not be in account until 2 days later. I.e. deposit made on 6pm on Tuesday will not be in our account till Thursday morning
  • Bank xfers made after 4.30 on Friday, or on the weekend will not be in our account until Tuesday morning
  • You will get an email from us the day your money clears letting you know. If you haven't heard from us in a while, email us to check on the status.



Bank deposit for International

  • Our swift code is CTBAAU2S
  • We only really accept bank deposits for larger amounts ($500 AUD) due to fees that are passed on to us. You must accept all fees that we get. If you don't we will not process your order until the balance is paid. If you want your money refunded it will be, minus our processing fees. I.e. Get it right the first time otherwise its a pain.
  • Please email the transfer receipt to us after you have made the xfer, thanks!


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