ModChip Installation


A lot of modchips and hacks for consoles these days are solderless DIY solutions. OzModChips will always support the selling of tools that make is easier to modify your console. However, sometimes the tools and knowledge needed outweigh the costs of just getting us to do it for you!


Our store is located in Melbourne, however we can perform most of the services listed before via postal installation. If you cannot find the service on our website, please email us.


OzModChips can perform the following services for you


Nintendo DS / Dsi / 3DS:

  • DS flash card software setup ( in store or via post when purchasing combos)

Nintendo Wii:


  • Modchip installation  (Traditional modchips such as drivekey/wiikey/wasabi)
  • USB loader installation - WODE jukebox, hardware USB loader
  • Homebrew channel installation, and installing of programs such as GeckoOS which makes your wii region free
  • NAND restoration (if you have a NAND dump)


  • Wii laser replacement
  • Wi DVD drive replacement
  • Wii Blue tooth module replacement



  • New Laser fit on original consoles
  • Downgrade PS3 console firmware (please email us about this first)


Xbox 360:


  • JTAG hack (for compatible consoles)
  • CPU glitch hack (RGH) for compatible consoles
  • DVD drive flashing (C4eva Ixtreme CFW mods) for Phat and Slim
  • Xkey ie. X360key installation



  • CFW (custom firmware) services to allow homebrew code to run



A long time ago we had installers in the following locations


  • VIC -
  • ACT - Canberra
  • NSW - Wollongong
  • NSW - Sydney (Central North)
  • NSW - Sydney (Central South/West)
  • QLD - Brisbane (South/West)
  • QLD - Gold Coast (Central)
  • QLD - Brisbane (North)
  • SA - Central
  • WA - Central


While most installers where great, it was very hard to manage. The biggest reason we discontinued installation around Australia is that we didn't think anyone else but our small team in Melbourne can accurately represent the true OzModChips 'workhorse' style attitude towards modding. We never go on holidays, and never stop modding. We always attempt all modifications on the spot, and postal installs are usually performed on the same day we receive the packages. We also consider outselves to be very honest towards customers, and will often try to 'undersell' you rather then 'oversell'. We are more interested in you getting the best soltuions for your console so you can leave the store a happy customer and tell all of your friends! (that last one was a joke, everyone knows gamers don't have any friends(:  )

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