Price Matching!

OzModChips New Price matching Policy (effective 21/04/2010):

Price is always an important factor with every purchase, why pay more for the same thing? OzModChips has ALWAYS been the cheapest official supplier for modchips in Australia. Thats how we price our products - we look at cheapest official supplier, match their price, have better shipping and a better warranty.

However we have had to rethink our price matching policy recently. We are in the slower stage of the 7th generation console life cycle and there aren't too many new products coming out. Sometimes there are some new smaller companies selling the same products we are, at a slightly lower price.

When comparing price we always ask a customer to compare everything:

  • Does this company over charge for shipping?
  • Do they charge a credit card surcharge?
  • Is GST included in the price?
  • Where are they located? Do they post every day?
  • What are the warranty terms?

If you are asking us, the answers are:

  • OzModChips shipping prices are on our shipping page, they are a discounted rate of what is available from Australis post.
  • No Credit card surcharge.
  • GST is included in the price, the price you see on our website is the final price, there is no 10% suprise for GST at the end
  • We are @ 662 High St Kew east, VIC. 10 minutes from the CBD! We work 6 days a week and post items every single weekday!
  • We have a base 3 month warranty on everything in the store, and we extended that for as long as we can. For cheapo flash cards like the R4, we cannot extend, but for higher end flash cards like the SuperCard/Acekard its 1 year, Wii modchips can be replaced for as long as the product is in production.

If you find a cheaper price within Australia, we will not only match this price

We will beat any price by 5%

We have a couple of rules to be fair:

  1. Product must be in stock
  2. Product must be shipping from within Australia
  3. Cannot be a "closing down business" sale, or stock dumps if the place is not wishing to stock the item anymore
  4. When we beat their price, we have to adopt their service. For example, if they have a DOA warranty, you will have a DOA warranty. If the warranty is 1 week, the warranty you get with us is 1 week. Its not fair if we lower our price to match someone and provide our normal warranty. You will still receive email and phone support though!
  5. We only match no Australian business. For example, a Chinese company that has a drop shipper in Australia is not an Australian company. All money goes overseas, you are not protected by any Australian law, and no Australian tax is being paid.
  6. If the company is not registered for GST we cannot beat their price, we can usually just match, as long as it is not under cost price!
  7. We only match on Modchip stores, sorry - we cannot beat a big retail store cost on generic PC parts as we don't have the buying power


How to price match:

Email us the following details, and we will reply within a couple of hours with a redemption code to use when checking out

  • Your Name
  • State
  • the URL of who we are price matching
  • The postal method you want (registrered, express etc)

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