Is Mod Chipping Legal?

Firstly - we don't give legal advice. If you unsure if what you want to do is legal or illegal, please consult a lawyer in your country.

Modchips have legal uses, and illegal uses.

What is illegal is using these devices to play pirated/backup copies of games that you don't own. Renting a game, ripping it, and returning it is illegal!

Modchips bought from our store should only be used for:

  • Playing legal copies of games purchases from different regions.
  • Using homebrew software
  • Playing backups of games you have legally purchased

If with its legal uses, these device may still be illegal in your country - so please double check your laws. does not support piracy. Never ask us on information about illegally obtaining files as we will not only ignore you, but we will IP ban you from our website. We are very lucky in Australia to have the laws that we do, so don't abuse it.




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