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The Prankster AVR is a Atmel USB device that can be easily programmed with custom code to prank your friends.

The code that will ship with the device emulates a CAPs lock key being switched on and off every minute or so - You can download the file for the Prankster - here from the prankster website

But the Prankster has been HACKED! to make it the ultimate dev tool out there!

A lot of dev boards need specific files for their board. 8MHz, 16Mhz, and then manufacture.... Avrkey, minimus, maximus, teensy, teensy++, At90, blackcat, olimex etc. There is a lot of confusion over which files to use for your project. If you get a device that is locked, then support for your projects depends on the support the company gives you. If you get a open dev board then you have to use Atmel flip to program it, and you have to make sure you have the correct files!!!

This is what makes the prankster the best. 2 minutes after you get it, you can import ANY hex file and it will work on this device. The exe file will rewrite all of the address lines, and LED blinking commands (if there are any in the code).


- Download the Prankster exe file at just run it once: Prankster Updater
- Then run this custom EXE file to import any HEX file!
- If your PC is coming up with a DLL error, download an install this - this - Tada!

Some stock photos from the manufacturer



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Date Added: 10/16/2010 by siddharth ranjan
The Product shipped within 4 days. I changed the order to maximus avr then back to prankster avr. ...

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