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    ****Australia only, we don't send console abroad so DO NOT ORDER if you are not in Australia!****

People have been begging us to sell Premodified units on custom firmware (CFW) but we never did because new units couldnt be done and solutions like cobra/3k3y where always around the corner. Well now that 3k3y and Cobra are out and alomost blocked on Super Slim models we decided that Custom firmware is what people want the most, so here are some consoles!

What you get

  • 2nd Hand PS3 Fat/Slim console. (Depends what we have in stock, please specify in order comments which one you prefer)
  • 1 x PS3 controller
  • 1 x HDMI cable/AV Cable
  • 1 x Power cable

What else you will need to get it going

  • If you are interested in playing games from a harddrive, about 50% of games will need a 'boot disc'. Which is any ps3 original game. If you don't have one, you can buy something like FIFA 09 for $3 somewhere live Ebgames.

Why 2nd hand consoles:

Custom firmware can only exist on a console that was once on 3.55 firmware or below. This means that some 2500 models, all 3000 and all super slim 4000 models cannot be done, ever. We don't like the OLD fat consoles as they have a higher failure rate then the slims. So that leaves 2000 models! We cannot buy them new of course, so we buy them 2nd hand, test them out, clean out the insides (dust). Because these consoles are 2nd hand they are of course in 2nd hand condition - so please don't expect them to be in new condition. There will be some scratchs, etc on the casing, and the controllers (the one that comes with the console, additional ones are new) are used as well! The laser would have wear and tear on it, but we give it a good test, and of course in a console ith CFW, the laser is hardly ever used!

What can I do with CFW:

You can install PKG files. PKG files are like programs/apps for your PS3. These include the ability to:

  • Installing Multiman, Which allows you to FTP to your console, file manage, play games from your harddrive, dump games to your harddrive + 100 other features
  • Use Emulators (SNES, NES, SEGA etc etc)
  • Run any Homebrew application that somebody make, there are many free homebrew games made for the PS3.

What souldn't I do:

  • Play online. You cannot really do it safely with CFW, If you try and cheat online, you will get banned 100%. Some people have luck playing online with certain patches, we give NO info on this, we sell them for offline use only...what you do with it online is at your own risk
  • You shouldn't update your console from DISC, or online. You MUST keep it on custom firmware. So if you update the console in the future it must be a CFW update. Original firmware will REVERT your console back to its original state...and you cannot run any programs etc. You will need to send it in and PAY for it to be redone. This is a very easy rule to follow, but many people lend their console to others, or let others use their system when they are not around. Keep the console up to date on the latest custom firmware and this solves the problem of there ever being an update in the first place!
  • Open your console under warranty. Warranty is 6 months, if you break our warranty seal, we cannot cover it at all.


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