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Description: A couple of consoles in stock - it will take 24~48 hours to ship after payment has cleared. Consoles are hard to get at the moment and previous to this we where out of stock for 2 weeks, so if you are thinking about ordering....order! Payment must be made within 24 hours of placing the order otherwise the order will be cancelled.

***2nd Hand console, not new, not in box***
A lot of people have been asking us for 2nd hand consoles, as they are on a budget and want to save a bit of money instead of buying new consoles. The consoles are all tested, and we are not selling refurbished console - they have never had an issue, and never been opened before we bought them. Controllers of course are also second hand.

Xbox Slim console (Slim-S or Slim-E) If you want an internal harddrive to store your content, check above! A lot of people ask what the difference between JTAG and RGH is. JTAG hack was for Older fat consoles, and was blocked in 2009 or so, in 2011, they figured out a new method for the hack which can work on almost all consoles. The same things can be done, just the method of modding the console is different. Once the console is on, the experience is the same!


We only accept direct bank deposits for consoles, NO CREDIT CARD orders will be processed, they will automatically be cancelled.

1. You can either use Internet banking to make the transfer or

2. You can walk into a bank and make the transfer.

When you place your order for the console make sure you choose DIRECT BANK DEPOSIT, then you will receive the bank details of where to send the payment to.


****Australia only, we don't send console abroad so DO NOT ORDER if you are not in Australia!****

Services also performed

  • Comes with dashlaunch patch applied, which gets rid of AP2.5 protection when loading via disc and HDD . This gets rid of ap2.5 from a software level.
  • Comes with XeXmenu installed on memory unit.
  • Comes with Xell installed on nand (if you want to get your CPU out you can turn the console on by clicking the Eject button on the console (will NOT work with some Corona units).
  • Comes with Aurora dash installed and ready to go, and dashlaunch auto booting into Aurora dash

With your custom NAND you can:

  • Run 360 games from a harddrive with no disc needed while playing, Internal or External
  • Dump/Rip games from this 360, to your harddrive. The ripping will only rip the relivant content, so 360 games are compressed to their actual size, not a RAW ISO size. No need for a expensive Kreon/0800 DVD drive anymore!
  • Run any homebrew app someone makes for the 360. i.e. SNES / NES / MAME, FBANext emulators, homebrew games, etc

I want to take this console online...can you help me?

No. No. No. We understand a lot of people these days are getting consoles modded so they can go online and play in a modded lobby, or to play a hacked version of GTA 5 with a modmenu etc. Thats fine, you can do whatever you want. But we DO NOT help customers in taking their console online, AT ALL. RGH has never designed to online, it was an offline only modification. People have figured out how to get them online now, however that does not mean that we agree to it. Do not email us asking for help or tips on this matter as they will be ignored.

  • Preowned XBOX360 console premodified with RGH
  • RGH console similar to a JTAG
  • Preloaded with Dashlaunch, Aurora, XexMenu

What's Included:
  • 360 Slim XBOX 360 console with smallest HDD size
  • Controller
  • AV Cables OR HDMI cable
  • AC Power Unit

  • 6 month warranty against RROD ONLY.
  • Warranty void immediately when you try to take the console online.


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