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PreModded White Wii - Softmodded with USB Loader and Emulators


Novice at all this mod stuff so decided to get premodified. Unit was DOA but hold on, the follow up could not have been better. Great online contact service, fast email response and back to me within the week with a free gift for the hassle. These guys could show the big boys a thing or two about customer service. I am considered to be a whinging basta%^d when it comes to service (Just ask Dale Alcock builders in Perth) but I am left stunned at the bench mark these guys have set. Thanks to Ryan - Cheers Mate. Good sevice and great products are all that will see you through the tough times ahead in 2009 and you've got them. Best Of Luck.
Date Added: 12/05/2008 by Steven Felton
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