PS3 wasn't hacked for a long time. All the fun happened on 3.41 firmware, and then a couple of months after we got custom firmware for 3.55.

On 3.56 firmware and higher, this was blocked. On 3.55 with the help of a dongle like Corbra/TrueBlue you could run custom applications on your console that allow you to play region free blue ray movies, older games, games with a higher software version than 3.55 from a harddrive, media players etc etc. Of course not many people can do it as they are above 3.55 firmware!



There are 2 solutions available. CFW (Custome firmware) and Optical Drive Emulators.


CFW (Downgrade):

In 2013 they finally figured out how to upgrade 3.55 custom firmware consoles to higher firmware versions, allowing people to pretty much not need any dongle, and forever be able to upgrade to any new custom firmware. The problem is that you still need to START on 3.55 to join in on the custom firmware fun. To do that, you can downgrade with some effort and tools, certain consoles down to 3.55. Only certain models can be done, and pretty much everything made after 2010 cannot. If you want this done you can either buy the E3 flasher, or we offer a service currently for $99.99 to do this for you (add $20 for us to put you on the latest CFW).

Models supported by our downgrade service:

Check back of console to see Model number. If we list 'x' that just means that the letter number after what we wrote doesn't matter. For example, CECH 4xxx means it covers CECH 4000A,  CECH 4004B,  CECH 4002C, etc etc etc

Fat models


Model Number
NOT BY OzModChips
CECH Bxxx NOT BY OzModChips
CECH Cxxx NOT BY OzModChips
CECH Exxx NOT BY OzModChips
CECH Gxxx NOT BY OzModChips
CECH Hxxx Yes, we can do it
CECH Jxxx Yes, we can do it
CECH Kxxx Yes, we can do it
CECH Lxxx Yes, we can do it
CECH Mxxx Yes, we can do it
CECH Pxxx Yes, we can do it
CECH Qxxx Yes, we can do it


Slim models


Model Number
CECH 2xxx
Yes, we can do it
CECH 21xxx Yes, we can do it
CECH 25xxx

We can do most, please check downgrade

Page to see details

CECH 3xxx NOT possible

Super Slim models

Model Number
CECH 4xxx NOT possible



  • Almost full access to system
  • Homebrew (Emulators, Multiman, Showtime media player)
  • Disc Emulation (playing extracted files from Harddrive instead of Disc)
  • The ability to upgade to new custom firmware versions easily.


  • External HDDs can only be in fat32, and a lot of files people want to use are over 4gb in size, so you will need to FTP large files to internal HDDs.
  • Its a software hack, so you can easily be banned from online (PSN) for modifying games etc. This does not matter of course if you don't care about PSN. Ozmodchips does not provide support on this.
  • Customers can easily undo the software hack by upgrading to Original firmware instead of custom firmware. Not an issue if user is switched on but can easily be done by unexperienced users.


Optical Drive Emulators (PS3 ODE):

We are not stocking ODEs anymore. They where blocked early 2014, and since then they have been updated but the insrtuctions required to use them are just too hard for most people. Then they where blocked again, and extra hardware is now needed. It's just too hard of a solution compared to CFW. We know it works on more models, but you can sell your console and buy a compatible console and you will have less issues.

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