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Please note. If you get a battery that is white from us, it has 2 modes. Normal mode, where its a normal battery. And padora mode. to activate this, please press the button on the battery 3 times quickly, and you will see the lights flickering. The battery is now in Padora mode!


This device puts PSP 1000s and 2000s into service mode, with the approprate software on your Memory stick you can downgrade your console, or recover from a bad flash (bricked console). If you are intested in modding your PSP you don't need to get this if your consnole is working...You can just buy our special memory stick with 6.60 custom firmware here

The ones we have in stock now work on both slim and phat PSP, and of course, they are cheaper!

Special TOOL version of PSP battery looks exactly the same way as a standard SONY PSP battery but has the ability to put your PSP into service mode for custom firmware use. TOOL functionality is hard-coded into the battery.

You will still need custom firmware etc on your Sony memory stick. If you don't properly put custom firmware (CFW) on your memory stick - the PSP will do nothing and we will get an email saying "OMG ozmodchips, your product doesn't work!". They do work, the whole CFW is a bit challanging for some, which is why you can buy the firmware on a stick from us in the drop down menu!

Because we provide the modding service, and CFW on a stick as an option we cannot provide detailed inscructions on how to do it all yourself.

Can This be used to mod EVERY psp?
It can mod every Fat PSP. It can mod almost all Slims. The only motherboard variation that cannot be modded is the 'TA-088v3' which just starting appearing in psp slims. It is possible to have the 'TA-088v3' if your psp came out of the box with 4.01, or 4.05 firmware. It can NOT be used with PSP 3000 consoles at all, as they have the new mobo.

Here is a 4 min video on how easy it is to hack - if you watch it from youtube direct there are annotations, and it makes more sense!


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Date Added: 10/23/2009 by Dominic Brown
Excellent product and fantastic service. I ordered Tuesday, I had to call to make a shipping address...

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Date Added: 10/06/2009 by Hamish Moffatt
Did what it was supposed to do, so I'm happy with it. Wasn't hard to work out how to install the cus...

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Date Added: 06/06/2009 by Rodney Gardiner
Best company on the internet. Fast delivery, perfect customer service, product works flawlessly. If ...

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Date Added: 05/08/2009 by Colin Radzevicius
love the second day delivery. all finished with in 3mins of being out of a packet :P thanks ozmodchi...

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Date Added: 04/29/2009 by Adriaan Peeman
Awesome product!! worked perfectly and delivery was super fast!!! would definititly do business with...

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Date Added: 04/25/2009 by Guilherme Silva
Excellent service, quick and perfect quality! Strongly recommended.. 6*

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Date Added: 04/07/2009 by Mohammed Hamdan
YES TODAY I GOT MY PANDORA AND IM HAAAAPPPPPY. Installing firmware took what 1 minute and thats it. ...

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Date Added: 04/04/2009 by David Ollerenshaw
Excellent ProductService & Shipping, Although the battery is Black not retro orange. Thank You Ozm...

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Date Added: 12/25/2008 by Thomas Simmons
Great Service, Payment to arrival was 4 days INTERSTATE! Fast Delievery Great Service i was kept inf...

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Date Added: 12/06/2008 by richard morgan
great items , great guys , top follow up service too ! keep up the quality of your business... thank...

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Date Added: 10/31/2008 by Christopher Montealegre
very happy with the service and product, so simple to use! i bought the Pandora battery with the 8GB...

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Date Added: 10/22/2008 by jon lam
As stated on the website, delivery was fast and efficient as soon as the funds cleared. Received wit...

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Date Added: 10/17/2008 by Mark Horsley
Ordered the Pandora Battery with 8GB MMS (Magic Memory Stick) - Arrived to my PO Box fast as promise...

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Date Added: 10/15/2008 by greg bonnett
Great product, worked perfectly, plus the 8gig memory card is brilliant too

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Date Added: 09/29/2008 by Peter Stokes
Ozmodchips. i think i love you. this is the most awesomeness thing since the m3real and for ppl str...

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