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What is RGH (Reset Glitch Hack)?

RGH is a modification that can be done on your XBOX360 (if it's compatible) that will unlock the full potential of your console. In 2009 someone figured out something called hte Jtag hack. It was quickly blocked by Microsoft, and console became very rare. Some open source hackers then magically figured out something called the Reset glitch hack which performs the same functionality once the console is on, its just that the installation process and the compatibility of consoles is different. Some of the features include:

  • Run Homebrew applications & games
  • Run Emulators (SNES, N64, Mame, GBA, NeoGeo etc)
  • Run your backup Xbox 360 games from XBOX360 Hard Drive without the disc
  • Run your backup Xbox 360 games from an external USB Hard Drive without the disc
  • Run ANY REGION Xbox 360 games (PAL, NTSC-U, NTSC-J etc)
  • Have full control of your Xbox 360  from profiles & save games to fan speed & temperature control
  • Access to LiNK - which can allow you to system link consoles from around the world (with other RGH users, its like a 3rd party xbox live)
  • Allow you to alter game code, which allows custom game 'mods'  


Can I get the RGH installed in my Xbox 360? It depends on your hardware AND software version.

Please read carefully!!!

Click here to know what motherboard you have (Please note, the picture doesn't show Slim-E versions. We can mod Slim E consoles! up to mid 2014.

Phat Xbox 360s: We can do this modification on Falcons and Jasper. We refuse to mod Xenons and Zephyrs, They are not worth the time as the console glitch very bady if at all. 

With Phat consoles the firmware can now be modded up to 2.0.17150 or below. Consoles with a firmware of 14699 or below get RGH1 done, boot times are great. If the firmware is above 14699 it is RGH2 which has slower boot times, but the boot times are not a big issue -  once the console is on its on. We can now do R-JTAG on these consoles as well which boots fast like RGH1

Slim consoles: All Slim Xbox 360s made before can be done up to firmware 2.0.17150 . Trinity Motherboards, and Corona (v1, v2. v3, v4, v5 and v6) . Corona v1 is a 250gb console (with no internal memory) made before September 2012. V3 is ones made after. V2 is a 4gb console made before September 2012, V4 is one made after. V5 is a Slim E version with  no internal memory, and V6 is the 4gb version.

*****Please note, there is a new motherboard type that starts to appear with consoles made after June or so 2014. Right not these are unmoddable as RGH is not possible until some new hardware is made*****


Options above that you can choose:


Install Extras: Highly reccommended. For a long time we included this as part of the price. Now we have lowered the price, and just allowed people to select if it they want. Without this option you will have no extras at all. Your 360 will be modded, but will look like a normal 360. If you select this option we will.

  • Install Avatar update coressponding to your consoles firmware
  • Install XeX menu
  • Install Freestyle Dash 3.0
  • Install Dashlaunch  and run some patches including one that will auto boot your console into Freestyledash, and block accidental updates as well.

A lot of backyard installers try to undercut our prices and then do not include any of the options above. So we give the user the option of doing it themselves, or paying a little bit more to get it all done nad ready to go. Please note: If you do NOT choose this option we cannot provide phone/email support for you to install it yourself, that wouldn't be fair.

CR4 XL : The Cr4 XL is a more expensive glitcher that works in Trinity, Corona V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6. And in Rjtag mode on Falcon and Jasper. It is has optimised hardware that allows quicker glitching. If you use this option we will use this glitcher instead of the Cr3 Lite/Coolrunner Rev C.  Boot times will be better but we cannot guarantee instant boots etc.

Install External Nand Reader/Writer: Your Console WILL need updating if you plan to play 360 games on it. You can update your NAND using xell, flash360 simple nand flasher etc...these are all free softwares to flash your NAND while your console is on. However, many people screw up the creation of their NAND when they are compiling it. They either use the wrong glitch type (jtag, rgh or rgh2) or they use a NAND that isn't theirs. When you do this your console will not turn on and will need to return it to us so we can flash it again. We charge our customers $40 to update via software or $60 to update with a hardware flasher (if you have stuffed it up). If you choose this option, we can install an external NAND reader/writer. If you have a 4gb console this will be the Team-X 4gb nand reader (you will need an SD card reader on your PC). All other consoles will have a Matrix Nand flasher or JR2 installed externally (You can flash using a Mini USB cable).


DeMon Dual NAND (not available anymore): We can install a DeMon modification device for you, that will allow you to have a Dual NAND on your console. Allowing you to have a retail xbox, and also RGH xbox in 1.  Please see the DeMon product page for more info on this.

We can install the demon on these models:

  • Trinity
  • Corona V1 
  • Corona v3
  • Falcon
  • Jasper 16mb
  • Jasper Big block nand (256 or 512mb)

Please note, the DeMon cannot be intalled on a Corona V2 or V4 due to the internal NAND being 4gb in size. 



So what do I get for this product?

  • We install a glitching device in your console. Usually the Coolrunner from Team-X, but usually whatever works best for you console.
  • We program the custom NAND (Chip with software that runs the entire Xbox 360)

If you choose the 'Install extras' option above:

  • The custom NAND will allow you to do everything listed above
  • We install xex menu as a backup just in case you mess up the auto booting of freestyle dash
  • We install a homebrew custom dashboard called FreeStyle Dash which allows you to manage:
    • XBOX360 games
    • XBLA games
    • Emulators
    • Homebrew
    • Copy and paste files
    • Ftp to your console
    • Settings
    • Themes
    • Everything!!!!
  • Here is preview of what FreeStyle Dash is:

What is the cost?

  • Bring your console into our store in Kew, Melbourne. $99.99. + any extras, see above (its a little more if you have a newer console)
  • Postal service cost is $114.98 (Includes cost of postage BACK via registered) + any extras, see above

How long will it take?

  • If you bring your console into our store it will usually take between 1-3 hours depending on how busy we are and also if we run into any complications. (We usually take your number and will call you to come and pick it up once it's ready). Some consoles are fussy so we don't like to put a fixed time on it. CR4 XL installs will take longer.
  • If you post it in we will install it usually within 24-48 hours of getting your console.




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