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The current batch is sunKey FUSION. This means that the device is solderless, however you will need to solder the JUMPER settings on the modchips (easy soldering) to configure it for your Drive type and Region. This is not automatic like the SunKey Lite 2. The Sunkey lite 2 seems to be discontinued, but the fusion is the same price. - Read Manual here

As we progress into the 5th year of the Wii, a LOT of wiis cannot be modded with modchips anymore (just the WODE to play games from harddrives). However there are still people that want a simple modchip to play burnt media on their compatible console. A lot of companies like WasabiDX and Drivekey have discontinued their range of modchips so the 'Sunkey Fusion' is what we are stocking as a cheap and reliable solderless modchip. It can be installed in 3 different ways - Soldering, Clip, or Solderless ribbon. However all methods require configuration via soldering.

This modchips works with all console that have a serial number of LAH1162 or less. I.e. it works with everything excluding D4 drives, and D3-2 drives. Same as the Drivekey / Wasabi Etc.

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