True Blue Jailbreak Dongle (JB2)


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Stock status: out of stock. True Blue team has stopped production of version 1 of the dongle - and apparently soon release a new version with hopefully some new features. We are unsure as to what they will be but considering they stopping making a device that was selling well, it will hopefully be pretty special.

Yes, this is Genuine stock. OzModChips is a long time supplier of modchips, and we don't believe in clones. This is a 100% Genuine sealed True Blue dongle. Clones products might be compatible with a lot of patches True Blue are. However the True Blue team control the custom firmware you must be on, and have warned that "anyone using this clone will be subject to data loss as a result of random HDD erasure as well as other effects. Other anti-clone measures are now being developed and will be deployed shortly." Is it worth buying a clone to save $20 or so? Nope. Buy an original True Blue (we get them directly from the team who makes them, NOT a 3rd party supplier that can mix stock) -->

This device ONLY works on 3.55 firmware. OzModChips will NOT give refunds for people that buy this device and cannot get it to work because they are above 3.55. firwmare.

This device has no where near the amount of features that the Cobra USB. The Cobra USB is 100% amazing, however legit users cannot enjoy any new games on ther console becuase the console is stuck on 3.55. The True Blue Jailbreak Dongle allows you to play almost all games that came out after 3.55 firmware by applying special custom patches to the games (replacing some files). If you don't know how to use this device, then do not buy it as its a development tool. A PDF with instructions are on the "truebluejb2" website. As well as upgade files. We cannot help you with it, development tool = please use your brains ;) If you don't understand the instructions in the PDF file, then don't buy it :)


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