Universal keychain TV Remote Control


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Stock status - Back in stock again!

A bit random for us to stock this - but it is fun.
Bassically is a small remote with the following functions

  • On/Off
  • Channel Up
  • Channel Down
  • Mute
  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Av/TV

The remote works on almost all TVs we have tested it on so far. To get it to work you hold down MUTE on the remote. The remote will cycle through all the brands TV codes until it gets to the TV you are pointing it to. As soon as it mutes the TV, you let go. It is then locked to that TV so you can use all the remotes functions. It will cycle through the most popular TVs first I think. A Sony TV takes about 5 seconds to work, my a cheaper TV takes about 20 seconds.

Appeals to people that have lost their remote, but mostly for people that want to mess around with others. The joy you can get from confusing someone into thinking their TV is broken! Also great for changing channels in public places like pubs or when you are waiting at the Doctors and its on a stupid talk show you don't want to listen to!

It is an awesome toy and you should get one just for fun! Stock is grey

The product comes with a DOA warranty (must let us know with 7 days). Battery included but this stock has been sticking here for a while so some of the batteries might be flat, Replacements cost a couple of dollars at Coles/Woolworths.  




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Date Added: 08/27/2008 by Fabio Figueiredo
Just bought this work perfectly shipping in pretty much a day just cant wait to test it out on the p...

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Date Added: 02/16/2008 by Scott G
I took one of these URC's to a few pubs with some work mates. It had them in stitches! We were watc...

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