Modding your Wii? Super Easy!

The security flaw on the Wii is on the DVD drive. There have been many types of DVD drives inside the Wii that have blocked modchips (8 or so). In 2011 onwards I guess we can just split Wiis up in 2 categories. Ones that can be modded to play burnt media, and those that cannot (but can still be modded, keep reading!).

On the bottom of your Wii you will find a serial number starting with LAH (newer Wiis have different letters to start, this means you MUST use the WODE)

Anything under LAH1162 is classified as an "OLD" Wii. Anything above that is a new Wii. The "NEW" wiis have a dvd drive that currently (and probably forever) cannot be hacked. However there is a product called the WODE, that ignores the DVD drive and allows you to attach a harddrive to your Wii and run content directly from there, way better then discs!

So your options once more:

Serial number lower than LAH1162

  • You can get the Drivekey modchip, which will trick your DVD drive into thinking that burnt media is original.
  • You can get the Wiikey Fusion, which is like the Drivekey, but with the added Bonus of being able to play games from an SD card. Only a couple dollars more then the Drivekey.
  • The WODE, which allows you to do all the above, and also rip games to an external harddrive, and of course, play them back <-- Best option!!


Serial number higher than LAH1162 (and all other Wiis with new serial numbers like KAF etc)

  • You can get the Wiikey Fusion if you really want, but on these models it will ONLY allow you to play content from an Sd card
  • The WODE, which will allow you to rip games to an external harddrive and play them without the use of a disc. It does what the iPod did for music CDs, it turns the Wii digital! No more discs, no scratches, no long loading times, and you will never get a faulty laser, becuase its pretty much never being used! This is the coolest product we have ever stocked <-- Best option!!

Please enter your serial number on Wiidrives.com if you have a serial number from another region. The Newer wiis have a drive drive type of D3 version 2, or D4.


FAQ about Wii modchips

Q. Can I Still......?
A. Yes, you can still do EVERYTHING. Including going online, playing online, buying from the wii shopping channel.

Q. Can Nintendo detect that I have a modchip?
A. No one really knows the answer to that question -- but regardless, it has been 4 years and they have not done anything regarding the issue besides revising the internal hardware to make it harder

Q. Can I still update my Wii via the internet?
A. Yes. All wii updates have been safe, and do not affect modchips, due to the modchip being on the DVD drive, and not the motherboard. The current latest firmware 4.3e, is safe. If you update your wii past 4.1 though, the ability to play games from other regions is lost.

Q. What will my Wii look like after its modded? How does these modchips work?
A. Exactly the same as before. The Modchip is just a small chip that sits on the DVD drive, that tricks the wii DVD drive into doing certian things it couldn't do before.

Q. Sounds great....are there any negatives? What is this bricking thing people talk about?
A. As soon as you open your Wii, your warranty with Nintendo is voided. Bricking your Wii is something that cannot happen anymore with the modchips we stock like Wode, Drivekey, etc. Bricking now refers to software modifications to the console which can mess your system up. Modchips are hardware, not software!


Q. Ok, sounds good, how do I get a modchip in machine?
A. If you are in Australia, you can either:

  • Buy the modchip on its own, check out the solderless section. Soldreless = Easy install!
  • In Melbourne? Come into our store! We are located in Kew, 10 minutes from the CBD
  • Post the console into us, we will mod it and send it back!

If you are not in Australia, you can:

  • Buy the modchip on its own, and install it yourself
  • Buy the modchip, and take it a local installer to install it



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