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There are many different ways to modify your Wii U console and they all start from the Homebrew Launcher. There are also many ways to get the Homebrew Launcher loaded but we prefer to use the method of a permanent/offline homebrew launcher so that you can then take your Wii U console offline and not run the risk of the console getting updated accidentally. With this Wii U Complete Package we will modify your Wii U console so that it is ready to run your Wii U backup games from the SD card. There is a lot more that you can do with the console once it has been modified but that journey you will need to take on your own. Currently this service is compatible with the following consoles:

Nintendo Wii U Console
Wii U
Supported firmware version up to 5.5.1 E/U/J

IMPORTANT: Before you send your console to us for modding, you must sign into Nintendo eShop and purchase the DS Virtual Console games titled "Brain Training".

DISCLAIMER: All the programs/applications are freely available online. What you are paying for in this service is the time it takes for our technicians to work on your console and also the cost of the microSD card.


  • Full installation of Wii U Homebrew Launcher on console system memory (Can be run offline [COLD BOOT], without the need to load from web server!)
Homebrew Launcher


  • 8GB SD card provided with numerous apps for the Homebrew Launcher (SD upgrade available in the options)
  • Installation of Regionhax so you are able to run regionfree backup games without the need to use loadiine or iosuhax
  • Loadiine provided on SD card and launched through the Homebrew Launcher
  • ISOUHAX provided on SD card and launched through the Homebrew Launcher
  • Using Loadiine you will be able to load all your Wii U backup games from the SD card (Loadiine has region free built-in)


It is absolutely necessary for you to have already downloaded the eShop DS Virtual Console game Brain Training BEFORE you bring/send your console to us for modification.


  1. Add this item to your shopping cart
  2. Proceed through the checkout with your OzModChips account
  3. Complete shipping details and payment details
  4. Once payment is cleared instructions will be emailed to you about how to send us your console
  5. Installation can take anywhere from 24-48 hours after we receive the console.

NB: Alternatively you can bring your console to our store at 662 High St Kew East VIC 3102


  • Installation of the Homebrew Launcher onto the Wii U system memory for launching offline
  • All apps provided on the SD card
  • SD card size of your choice (miniumum 8GB)


Due to the nature of the service there is no warranty provided




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