Xbox 360

There are 3 different ways you can mod your 360:

  • x360key USB loading (best option in our opinion for most people)
  • Drive Flashing (aka CFW)
  • JTAG hack  and Reset Glitch Hack (RGH)

Please read below for more details


x360Key - USB loading:

An awesome product from the lead developer of the WODE is the x360key, aka xk3y. It will allow you to play ISOs from a USB hard drive, instead of disc. The advantages are:

  • There is no wear and tear on the DVD drive, as you are bypassing it
  • Your whole collection in one spot, No changing discs, no nothing (think of an iPod for your 360)
  • No DVD drive modification keeps your DVD drive in original condition.
  • You can update the device yourself, no need to pay someone to update the device for you! <-- This is a BIG advantage over other type of modifications. It means no ongoing costs and makes te device very easy to maintain. 
  • Super fast software support for any new issues that arise.

You can read about it here, It is compatible with ALL fat models, and the Slim models list on the product page. The Slim is still in production, so we can very say that it is compatible with ALL drive types until the Slim is discontinued! 


Ways to get a xk3y in your 360

  • In Melbourne? Come into our store and get it done on the spot while you wait!  (On the spot not available for console that need RGH to install)
  • Elsewhere? Post in your console to us, we will mod it within 24 hours and post it back to you! You can choose this option on the xk3y product page. We are very quick with postal installs and will not leave you hanging! (RGH based installed take a little longer)
  • You can install it yourself, but keep in mind you do need your DVD drive key, and if you do not have the tools to extract that it can cost up to $130 or so of tools. So unless you are going to do a lot of machines, its cheaper for us to do it for you! Some drives need the RGH done, and then undone, Expert soldering skills required for this. 



Drive Flashing:

There is a hardware chip on the Xbox DVD drive, that controls if you can play backup games or not. To enable a xbox 360 to play backups you need to flash your DVD drive, which involves the modder opening up your 360 and changing the software on the drive.

Fat/Original 360     Slim 360 S  
Samsung (ms28 and ms25) Moddable (LT3.0)   Liteon 9504 / 2702
Moddable (LT 3.0)

Moddable (LT3.0)

  Liteon 0225 Moddable (LT 3.0)
BenQ Moddable (LT3.0)  

Hitachi 0500

Not moddable yet

LiteOn (All)

Moddable (LT3.0)   Liteon 0401 + 1071
Moddable (LT 3.0)

Liteon 1175

(there are more coming)

Moddable (LTU Board needed)


All Fat consoles are moddable. Since Slims are still being made not all Slim models are. Its not super easy to tell which DVD drive you have inside your slim, but a couple of factors can help. Most of the drives are Liteons, there is one type of Hitachi Click here to see how to check by ejecting the DVD drive tray). All models after September 7th 2011 are a new liteon hardware type, and they cannto be modded yet. For those that are moddable, they are unfortunately the slim drives are all WRITE protected. So we have to do some crazy stuff to write to it (see video here). Considering the price of flashing a Slim 360, and the fact that you need to consistantly update your flash, its cheaper and better to get a x360Key!

Disadvantages: DVD drive flashing is NOT a once off. Everytime Microsoft changes special protection etc, you have to flash the DVD drive again. Opening the console everytime. A soltution like the x360Key allows the user to update the device without opening the console at all, which means all updates are free and easy. Drive flashing = cheaper initially, but annoying and more costly in the long run.


Ways to get your Drive Flashed by us



JTAG / RGH - Homebrew hack:

Some would argue that this is best solution for offline play. It allows full access to the consoles hardware and software.

Both hacks have identical results for the end user. JTAG hacks have instant boot times, like a normal console. RGH boot times vary from 5 seconds to 1 minute. We try our best to optimise these times but we don't obsses over them. Once the console is on it is on, and it is not the end of the world if your console takes a minute to turn on! Some console are fussy, and long boot times cannot be avoided

You can ONLY do the JTAG hack if you have a fat original model console that was made on or BEFORE June 15, 2009. AND if the dashboard version is 2.0.7371 (you can check in the settings) or less. This means you haven't updated the console through a game or through xbox live since late 2009.

The Reset Glitch Hack (RGH) is compatible with a LOT more consoles. It is not compatible with XENONs (see this picture for the best indication of your motherboard type) which are the oldest 360s. Almost everything else is fine. including the newer, Corona v1,2, 3 and 4s. For more info on RGH read up here 

The dashboard version DOES matter, for PHAT and SLIM consoles. Microsoft seems to be targeting this hack with every update. Right now 2.0.16756 and below can be done, anything over please email us to check if it can be done. If you get the hack done, and a new dashboard comes out you can always still update (using the manual process). The blocking of the hack that microsoft are doing is just to get the console hacked initial. Once you get the CPU key from your console you are laughing ;)



  • Running anyone program someone creates. i.e. Custom dashboards, emulators, media players etc
  • Region Free gaming. 360 discs and games from Harddrive ignore the BS region locks that exist in retail consoles
  • Running games from external harddrives
  • Ripping games from your 360s own DVD drive, no extra hardware needed
  • Hacking games (you can see the files of the game, so you an edit them to cheat with your mates on local offline LANs etc)
  • Any protection from Microsoft is disabled from a software level, which means these consoles are pretty much untouchable


  • No xbox live, at all
  • With the RGH, console boot times can vary from 5 seconds to 1.5 minutes. We try out hardest to optimise these times, however we have a time limit of how many hours we will spend on the console to try an get it to boot fast. Some consoles are just fussy and won't consistantly boot quickly. This is not a big deal as once the console is on, its on. But some people are fussy - so we are listing it as a disadvantage!
  • This hack is NOT for noobs -- because...
  • The custom dashboard that runs unsigned code is specific to YOUR console. This means you CANNOT do normal upgrades via disc/internet anymore. A normal update will screw the console up. So when you want to update (and you WILL need to update atleast twice a year for compatiblity with new games) you will need to compile a dashboard using CPU key and your NAND (you can extract these 2 files from your console) and then flash it onto your console. If you mess up this process the NAND will be corrupt and someone (probably us right?) will need to manually solder into your consnole again to reflash it. Updating is not a super hard process once you learn it but the bottom line is, unless you want to freeze your console on the dashboard we hack it on, and not play any newer games -  THIS HACK IS NOT FOR MAINSTREAM CUSTOMERS, enthusiasts only. We are happy to update consoles for people at a cost...but if you are not in Melbourne this becomes very costly for you!


Ways to get your console JTAG / RGH by us

  • In Melbourne? Come into our store and get it done! The hack is not easy for us to do, so you will most likely need to leave your console overnight. Same day service MIGHT be avaiable if you drop your console off early in the day. Please contact us beforehand. 
  • Elsewhere? Post in your console to us, we will mod it and post it back!
  • You can buy tools  to do it yourself if you want. like the Nand-X and the Coolrunner. The Nand-X is a 1 for many device. The Coolrunner is needed for every consnole you glitch! Please note that limited support is provided due to how hard the hack is, if you want to DIY, that includes you doing your own research.

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