XCM X8 (X-8) 360 Slim Pro opening tool


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The 360 Slim is hard to open. Well ever console is hard to open the first time you do it. We are selling 2 types of opening tools. The chepo one and the X8 by XCM. The cheapo tool consists of 2 parts (soft metal, easy to bend) and will do the job if you follow the proper guide. The X8 of course consists fo 8 parts all up.


The tools look like a scene from Dexter but please don't kill anyone with the tools :)

There are 5 long/short prongs marked A to E. 1 x T8 hand screw bit to open the screws on the console. 1 x sharp pick, and 1 x scalpel looking device which for us is the best part of the toolset..it is really shaped perfectly





While no one will ever see inside a 360 repair center, we think the 5 x tabs is the same method that MicroSoft use themselves. The long prongs fit perfectly and left all the tabs off to reveal the front of the console. You can then easily remove the case.


You can choose to use the tabs, or there is an alternative method where you can poke a hole through a sticker at the back of your console which helps open the console through a different method. The choice is yours.


Here is a video of the "Official" way. We might redo the video one day



And here is a video of us opening the console without using the tabs (please note that we use a drill bit to open the screws, this product does not come with a drill bit. you will have to turn them by hand)


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