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SOLD OUT, and discontinued for the Coolrunner Rev C.

Price includes tax (10% GST). The device also comes with a free 68pf capacitor for you. You can use the capacitor on certain Jasper models which are a little bit fussy with glitching.

Because many people will will not be buying Xilinx programmers, We have a programming service available. For $5.5 we will program the chip for your mobo. Please note that the RGH does NOT work on xenon, and does not work on Slim Corona (which is a console with the MFR date of Mid August 2011 and higher). Otherwise please see this picture to determine which mobo you have --> here  (Trinity is any Slim that does have a MFR date of above Mid August 2011)






World famous XBOX hardware developers Team Xecuter are happy to introduce the Xecuter CoolRunner - The Ultimate Reset Glitch Mod !

In early September 2011, Xbox scene homebrew gurus Tiros and GliGli announced that there was finally a way to boot unsigned (homebrew) code on Xbox Phat & Slim models regardless of which kernel was installed ! (before now JTAG'ing a console for homebrew was limited to very old versions of console/kernel and thus made them very difficult and expensive to buy)

Naturally a whole range of third party devices have come onto the market which were basically copies of the DIY design that was released by Tiros and GliGli. As usual the whole scene looked to Team Xecuter to see what design they could come up with to make this the most rock solid mod possible and they have done it again with the Xecuter CoolRunner !

The possibilities for homebrew on the Xbox 360 are endless. There have been hundreds of extra features since JTAG'ing became possible - from your own custom dashboards to legally backing up all your games to a huge 1TB hard drive !


  • Works with both Phat and Slim in one device
  • Unique design - do not confuse with other brands that have copied the public schematics
  • Optimized timing for each motherboard version
  • Compatible with all Xbox kernel versions
  • Easy programming over USB via NAND-X (Requires NandPro 3 update) or LPT JTAG Cable (LPT Cable Sold Separately)
  • Power LED
  • Reset Cycle LED
  • Easy Install (7 Wires Slim, 6 Wires Phat)
  • Can be Powered by CK3 Lite, CK3 Pro or CK3i for LPT JTAG Programming (LPT Cable Sold Separately)
  • Works perfectly with the world famous Xecuter NAND-X
  • Trusted Xecuter Design & Warranty

*Not available for the old Xenon motherboards.

This device is designed primarily to aid or assist in the repair or replacement of defective hardware and also for the use of and development of legal open source software. It does not enable any kind of piracy or have any code whatsoever that circumvents any kind of protection. We do not support nor encourage, if possible, potential infringements of others intellectual property rights - please do not contact us with any question related to this use as we will not respond. DO NOT use or buy this product if you are looking to perform any illegal activity.





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